In this section, PLEASE CONTINUE SCROLL DOWN. There are some interesting topics I touch on, this is my most spirit driven section of this blog, I hope it blesses you and touches your heart..


God put this on my heart to make this the first basic, foundational posting to this portion of my blog.. I watched this about two weeks ago i was wondering why i was up til 2 am one night and then i came along this video. It is approximately 54 mins long, oh stop its not that long.. (make some time with you and him and meditate on what she’s speaking on) I’m sharing it with you because it was meant to bless you like it has blessed me.. So Take a moment to watch! This quote really stuck with me that she mentions.. “Be aware of the condition of your heart, its directly connected to your ability to leave a mark on this generation. And to do all you are created to do. What is God doing on the inside? How is God transforming your heart, What is happening in your heart, everything flows out of the mouth for “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”-Matthew 12:34 Are you speaking fear? Are you speaking hopelessness or are you speaking life? Are you reaching out to Jesus? Are you yielding your heart to him? Are you embracing the season you are in good or bad?” –Kim Walker Smith has encouraged me, for i pray to speak to thousands of people one day like her!

IMG_0060 Deliverance and its importance.. What is deliverance you ask? Well deliverance is to be set free, cleansed of “ourselves”.. Dead to self, dead to the laws of the “world” that we often get caught up with. Deliverance goes hand in hand with salvation. Lets be real and reading this you will discover i don’t sugarcoat anything. Jesus wants to save us from hell, being lost, bitterness, anger, free from sickness, the effects of sin, etc. hence the term “deliver us from evil”. The most popular demons are in the mind.. such as spirits of confusion, lust, mind control where you feel your mind is literally all over the place and never gets rest and mental illness such as schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, bipolar, alcohol/drug dependence etc. The enemy’s favorite place is to abide and attack is the mind. Thats why its important to be careful what you speak unto yourself, bring in words of doubt, fear, self destructive words even words such as “I’m working on it” quit that nonsense and DO IT! First to recognize they need deliverance, is humble why? because humbleness comes from accepting and understanding ..people often get confused with being humble to being weak. Once you realize your ready to be delivered and surrender it all to God, you must continue to be obedient to Him, not go back to your old ways. The world can suck you dry. Bitterness and unforgiveness can literally make you sick, thats often (not all cases) but often the reason older people whether in 60s or even 50s have soo many sicknesses related to maybe the stomach or cancer even because you’ve let something like anger or bitterness to manifest for years within and cause such problems and then you wonder well what the heck?! I know, i myself suffered for years. Once i was freed, to this day i have not had a stomach pain due to anxiety and worry and uneasiness in about a year. Once your freed your freed, your never thirsty again, once an encounter with the Lord through deliverance and getting to know Him, i don’t know why you would want to ever go back. Let your soul be renewed. Do it for the Lord sacrificed and died on the cross for YOU! How could you not want to cleanse yourself, sit at the foot of the throne before Him one day. We must cut out the foolishness, what you allow, what you speak if its negative and against God, your just opening doors for the enemy. Stay consistent, for if you don’t you also open doors. Stay in the Word, obey God and keep seeking Him and Him alone. I know this all might sound crazy but its reality and truth, Deliverance is of God its not some witch act or magic trick, casting out demons sounds scary and we might think of it as being possessed like scary movies but possessed actually means to occupy. Really excited and blessed this has been a topic I’m studying more in depth about and it just brings a lot to light, brings a lot of the reasoning for why this world is soo dark and ugly most of the time. Its all up to you and what you choose, let go of the hands of the enemy pick one Gods hand or His because you cant hold both. Thankful for Ingrid, my new found sister in Christ, for teaching and making sure this topic is really instilled and its true importance. IMG_9651 Back in the spring (wish i had this blog sooner) i was really touched by this photo i captured. And was put on my heart to share it tonight on here. Well I walked past it back in the spring and i thought to myself this flower is such a perfect representation that God can restore anything in our lives no matter how dead it is and what the struggle is ..basically a representation of how stormy and dreadful the past winter was and look at what overcame! A beautiful flower blossomed! God is a God of restoration and i felt represented as well ..I am reborn and made new by the grace of God!

“God did not save you to tame you, he does not reveal himself as limitless to limit you” –Lisa Bevere  My favorite line from this.. Thank you Lord for saving me and not taming me, you don’t limit me, you are faithful! LOVE, LOVEE, LOVEEE this video!! watched this a few months ago i I was like thank you Lord for showing me this and to put it on my heart to post! Be a lioness woman.. “They hunt together, they understand that if you look bad they are not doing their job, they live in the light but they hunt in the dark.” Wow what a statement ..stop letting the devil take away your dream God has for you. Be “dangerous” and fully awake and not “tranquilized” Being ‘awake’ is very important, your connection with God is on a whole other level, your heart and mindset is at ease, the right choices and steps are taken through what God has for you. Be a lioness woman, be strong for you don’t know who you could rise up with you. The world needs more lioness woman of God, And I declare that to happen in the Name of Jesus! Honoring what will be than honoring what is is much more wise. Her testimony was kind of like mine.. God used the situation of her car accident to “get her attention.” God cares about you being fulfilled with your purpose. “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!” (Proverbs 6:6) This is saying stop laying around doing nothing, look at the lioness and learn, she knows who she is and she knows what what she is capable of doing, and she hones her skills to honor her creator. WAKE UPPP LADIES!!! Honor God and grab your purpose as sisters in unity. “Lioness attractiveness is undeniable because their power is unquestionable and they know their magnificence is captured in what their created to do.”


For some people its hard to understand Oh how can you not do the things of your past? or oh you think your better now Jenna or what have you or “oh you judge me now!” etc list goes on and on.. but Im a saved christian woman for the fact i recognized i needed Him and that i cherish His love and recognized His doing in my life and was lost but now I’m found, i was blind but now i see. This walk is not a walk in the park so you all know (but worth it).. its exceptionally harder because once you really live to obey the Lord, we become even more hated by the enemy because were out of his hands. We become a threat rather than those who don’t live for the Lord because i’m on a firm foundation now. Were not stuck in his world that he wants to keep us in, soo often times even after starting this blog and taking a prayer class at church theres been attacks of my past trying to haunt but Im grateful that now i live for the greater one, the greater one abides in me and i will keep that knocking on the door closed for the enemy.. Ex’s hit you up, your anger that you used to let effect your day comes creeping up.. I have to stay focused on discerning what is from God and what is not. I need Him without Him I AM NOTHING!! I cannot wait to defeat more and the continuous blessings that will come! GOD IS GOOD! “Greater is in me that is in this world” It was actually funny before for example (and i thanked God for this lil convo i had before because it kinda opened my eyes to the comment this guy made to me and maybe someone can relate) ..So my friend tried to set me up with a non-christian and i kinda thought okay lets see how this goes kinda a test to see how someone would respond to me being a christian and my values (since i havent dated since being saved) but anywaysss soo his response was “Oh i wasnt informed, to each is own, Good luck with that” a typical answer from someone who doesn’t understand my life is going to be all God or nothing.. like im some random odd creature.. I was humbled because it really reminded me im not of this world, i know who i belong to ..Im a proud christian and i dont care if im a jesus freak! Stay firm in Him always.


Well this picture popped up twice on facebook and i was like okayy okay Holy Ghost i see okay im going to share this.. this is a big and important topic that im soo blessed to understand and think that most of this generation should understand and will probably not have to go through half the things that they go through if they understood this.. this is defidently going to be meant for someone and hope it opens their eyes.. i was once in deep with soul ties, now what is a soul tie?, a soul tie is anything you let become a huge part of your life or are extremely close to whether is someone or something, ex. best friends, your car that you must wash every week. A soul tie is also formed with every person you have had sex with. Causing an ungodly soul tie. We can form “Godly” as well as “ungodly” soul ties with our family, friends, pastors, other Christians, churches, movie stars, and rock stars and the list goes on and on. This is really nothing to play with, and makes alot of sense soo here we go ..Every person you sleep with, leaves a part of themselves with you. They aren’t easy to get rid of. Soulties will have you acting crazy, mean, sad, addicted etc. Soulties will have you attracted to toxic relationships, and staying in abusive relationships. Sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you everything! Sex outside of marriage makes you feel cheap, confused, lost, unworthy, emotional, attached, needy, shameful. Listen up, Sleeping with that man to try to get him to love you, won’t work. If he leaves you, because you have standards and morals.. Good! Rejection was God’s protection. The right mate for you will PRAY for your soul, not prey on your soul. Can i get an AMEN! The right person for you will push you closer to Christ, not away from him. And as for Men.. having sex with her with no intentions of marrying her, is dangerous for you.. Because one it’s a sin and two when a woman has sex with a man her emotions go out of control. She feels like she’s attached to the man, she gets all emotional and territorial, she wants commitment, sex makes you feel married… But you’re not! Get it together. Sex is a spiritual bond for husbands and wives because of the connection made during love making. I know your flesh may try to fail you but tell it to sit down and hush up. STOP putting yourself in situations where you find yourself weak, rubbing all up on each other. Be mindful of what your allowing “enter you.” Thats why so many people are miserable, mean, angry , eviletc. becase there are soo many spirits upon them. So in closing, be careful and be mindful!! Do not conform to this world and whats acceptable and cool, keep guard of your soul. “My soul doesn’t belong to anyone other than God and when theres marriage we will both become one, and belong to God.”


THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC!! and can be a touchy one to some.. i promise i will help make things come to pass for you. So blessed to be being fed this topic by my pastor the past two weeks he’s been teaching specifically on rejection. People think rejection means your of no importance or good enough and to be loved means to be approved. WRONG! The stress of rejection can make you sick, literally ill. God made you who YOU are supposed to be. He created you your part of his DNA. No way of denying that. Anyways, with rejection must, i repeat MUST come forgiveness. As my pastor quoted and i love this analogy.. he said “Its like when you cut your hand, for instance you run to wash it and cleanse it of any infection that might manifest, so as fast as you run to wash it in the sink, is how fast you must forgive.” Top reasons for rejection are.. 1) by birth- when theres a burden of a conceived child “Oh i didnt want a girl i wanted a boy”, “oh were not ready i don’t have the finances for this child”, “ugh i wanted to enjoy life not have a child yet” 2) child rejection- when theres an absence of a father or mother, not feeling love from them 3) friend/spouse, etc- wounds of betrayal, breakup, hurtful words 4) self rejection- when you say i’m not good enough, this makes you think because who you are that people don’t love you soo you try or want to be like someone else 5) church rejection- people take that as God rejecting them. Hope i’m making sense here okay then we wonder and keep the thoughts of why does this such thing keep happening? Why is everyone the same? why why why?! ferther now going into a fear of rejection which now you created and will cripple you and then put a wall up from your purpose God wants to bless you with. Wrong reactions to rejection.. 1) rebellion- feeling of why should i respect them or love them if they don’t accept or respect me? 2) bitterness- formed from a lack of unforgiveness 3) escapism- let me just run away from this to my “happy place” so i can forget about this 4) fear of rejection- thinking its always going to happen this way. 5) guilt- the most wasteful burden of them all its a bomb to a wounded soul. 6) inferiority- Understanding that God does not have favorites soo no need to dwell on why one might have more than you 7) hopelessness- leads to depression, no desire to live sometimes, hopelessness leaves you dry and of no joy, can make the heart sick (ooh i’ve been there!) 8) defensiveness- comes with a wall of hate, their hearts are desiring to break the wall down but at the same time they want to come “swinging” and a hardness robs you of compassion. Rid of these soo that you can see the works of the Lord in your life! Create an atmosphere of LOVE for the devil cant even be around anything defining love, he even hates love.. God is love, devil is the opposite.


Soo crazy how i was just about to write on consistency and attitude and i see this picture above on facebook and its soo important consistancy and what your putting forth.. during a season good or bad, is key the attitude you keep and words you choose to take on what your going through. Thats why its important to make God first in our lives. To go to Him and not of what are flesh is feeling. Stop saying “Ugh its gunna be a bad day” or even “i’m too lazy to pray i’m just gunna lay in bed”.  The enemy notices when you get off track and loose hope or speak negative on your day.. Yes its hard the trials we go through but staying in the word or prayer its very important because you will be covered for the day and speaking out love and edification (encouragement) he flees, he wont even bother latching on. This is why as christians its important to stay consistent.. stick to what your doing to stay focused and keeping your surroundings fortified (meaning with the right people, nothing of hate, nothing to throw you off track etc) .. moment you loose focus is when things can spiral out of hand. Find the root of why things might be happening, find discernment in knowing.


“Be still and know he is God”Psalm 46:10 Being still is one of the hardest things to do for alot of people and the most important because society puts such a pressure on things and patience is not something that occurs often. God’s timing is perfect.. Find rest in that, stop rushing, being impatient, wanting what you want.. Seek God and he will reveal everything in His timing. This generation is filled with too much of fear of change or experience no change at all and need and yearn for instant gratification which is what usually leads to anxiety nd no growth within ..people either stay in a circle of whatever it is their used to due to fear and doubt in change or whats cool to society nd whats “accepted”. They can’t just give God a chance to work in showing what He has. I used to always put everything on me and rush and then be frustrated (as you’ve might have read in my about me section) i was just full of anxiety after the frustration came. I thought i stood in control but realized i was weary nd emotionally drained and i needed Him. Being still is when we find out a lot about what is going on because we just need to take a step back and let God work. We might find ourselves in the wrong direction or say the wrong thing and do things out of our desires when ourselves need to be tamed, often times also becoming desperate and causing more destruction. I see this way too many times in peoples lives. Ive seen it in my own in the past.. Ask God to give you the strength in pressing in, don’t go on and go against what He is showing you once your still he will start showing you many things trust in Him.. thats one of the greatest freedoms in knowing and living in full trust in God. Be grateful God blesses you with a new day to make changes not live in a constant circle, He created you to have a life of purpose and to be still in Him.. AMEN!! 

“Therefore, My beloved, flee from idolatry”- 1 Corinthians 10:14 Turn to the Creator not to created things by man ..Why would you not? He’s the one who created us; he knows the rest of the days of our lives, if theres an issue or something your struggling with just call on the creator not on “false idols” or other people/things. Also creating soul ties, thinking you need something and almost becoming obsessive over a such thing. Turning to anything thats just created to fulfill nothing but voids, some examples, new age, man or woman, sex, drugs, yoga (yes it seems harmful but the whole background of it is not of God, no he doesn’t hate you for doing yoga but for your own self because its developing discipline spiritually through a pattern of life including inner serenity also actually praying to Hindu Gods its not looking to God for inner peace, so quit it), lucky charms (ex. rocks, stones, “lucky shirt”), evil eyes, energy and zen and the sun etc. (The sun, moon, and stars are lifeless, unintelligent objects. They can no more tell what your future holds or how to live you life than a rock or mud puddle can! If you want real wisdom, go to the all-wise, all-powerful Creator who made the sun, moon, and stars), psychics/mediums/fortune tellers (really operating in witchcraft to lure you into almost hypnotizing you in believing what their saying is true, horoscopes, All of these things that we might or have looked to often (i’m guilty of these things in my past, Thank YOU JESUS for freeing me of these things soo don’t look at it as bashing) is a lie of the enemy, he looks at it as more of a chance being in the enemy’s hands because He wants you to be as far away from following God and missing out on finding true peace in Him. This is almost like an epidemic/control of many in this generation. My heart hurts for the souls, i pray every night they’ll cut out the foolery and bind out the lies of the enemy in Jesus Name. Choose Jesus to give you life. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”- Matthew 22:37

“The reason the cross is offensive to people, because it demands it doesnt suggest, it demands a new lifestyle in all of us. Sin is a disease in the human heart.. it effects the mind, the will and the emotions.. every part of our being is effected by this disease.. How can we break this bondage? How can we be set free?.. God can be the only one to break those chains.. the Bible says “The old things pass away” He can make you a totally new person”- Billy Graham ..What a powerful statement.. Take a moment to watch this its a beautiful video/message!! Lacrae’s testimony is something awesome.. i love his music its all christian rap songs.. and the woman who was going to take her life. Just beautiful.. i was soo blessed to have watched that late last night ..i think it will wake people up a bit.. i want to see no more suffering here on this earth, lead people to Christ and continuous difference being made here!


Soo many people will say “Oh I’m a good person, i’m going to heaven”, “Oh I’m a good person good things will come to me” or “Oh I’m a good person I’m set” ..WRONG!!! First off righteous salvation and true repentance is the only way into heaven. Lets stop this kind of talk/thinking.. The thought of being a good person and things coming to you, really is something to really set into your mind and then really just ends up exaggerating the whole term and becoming false. Causes people to wonder “well how come i have bad things happening” and then all of a sudden turn it as being mad at God and saying “how could you have done this to me”.. FALSE ..thats all lies of the enemy. Doing good is not what God asks anyways. Doing “what we as humans believe” is good, does not put into existence all good things will come to you. Its all just a lie. No such thing as luck either (as i wrote about in a previous posting) hate to break it to you. Living under God’s commandments and living in His ways.. brings blessings unto our lives, theres no room for nonsense. Stop believing in that karma nonsense. Karma is not God. Lets get it together people. Devil likes to take things and pervert them to realize in the end what you think is “the way of life” is all lies.. causing uneasiness and frustration. In the ways of the Lord, how can there be luck involved? When your walking Gods path and not by your own doing, and your in tune to Him and Him alone.. its already directed for you. “The Lord makes firm the steps
    of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall; for the Lord upholds him with his hand.” (Psalm 37:23-25)

Seriously though?! What did Jesus really suffer for us on the cross for? For us to live in Hell on earth? No for us to live in Heaven on Earth (hence on earth as it is in heaven) AHHH there we go ..got ya brain thinking! Okay soo what can we do.. first thing is to put our trust in Him, build a relationship because thats all he wants is to be our friend and for him to be our best friend, and most importantly to live free from bondage. God didn’t suffer and die on the cross for you to be constantly depressed, constantly feel burdened, constantly be in worry and letting the stronghold of the enemy be a major part of your life. You were free all ALONG.. God is the same today, tomorrow and yesterday. He does not ever leave us.. jjst grab His hand and make him first in your life. I could never leave God abandoned and mean nothing to me for what He did on the cross for me. That is true love right there!


This statement makes a lot of people wonder.. well what do you mean by this .. this one means especially if you’ve given your heart and choose to be obedient to Gods word and path, its time to let go of the hand of the enemy meaning, stop sleeping with your ex, stop watching that porn, stop reading into the horoscopes, stop feeding into the “mind control” ..Yes all of these should not be still a struggle if were completely walking with God and love him completely, how could one want to even partake in any of the examples mentioned. No not saying Christians must be perfect or people must be perfect, defidently not, no one is but God, but! there is no need to turn to open the door for the enemy if God is really first in our lives we must understand when we say God first, its really God first , God is the first person we run to, not our friend, not our therapist, not our fortune teller, we go to Him for everything, he is our Father. He takes over all of our worries and will reveal to us what we ask if we just get in tune with Him and not that lying enemy. Watch how certain things in your life will start transforming once you put time and faith into Him.. being halfway in with God and the enemy is honestly more dangerous, you wonder why things are happening and get mad at God right away.. no the enemy causes death, not legit death but death of finances, death of joy, death of peace, sickness.. most of these things are caused by open doors. Which is why going back to my main point how important it is to be holding hands with God because we are able to then know to cover ourselves in prayer for the day and to know the Lord because you’ll know the truth ..drawing you closer to God, keeping you from anything rotten of this world and also know to cover our families because it just likes to hop onto the ones closest to us. Sin is a serious matter and surrendering to God we know to fight off temptation because we know who WE serve! God the Father, the great I AM. AMENN, this is one of my favorite topics, staying free from the evil one. “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) and “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17) (<—-one of my favorites!)


“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7) once again i use this scripture.. As Christians we know this is obviously true if were connected to God and God alone.. your inviting the enemy in with open sin.. just surrender already. We know were sometimes attacked with things to test us but thats why we keep God first and we wont open the doors to distractions we know discernment and where our relationship with God is. Become strong in the Lord! We wont let the enemy win because we know who we belong to.. JESUS ! The enemy will always try and distract us with his stupid lies and mutterings in our ear, anything to get us off course.. a few lies the enemy likes to put into our minds.. he loves to remind us of our past, saying you didn’t get far, trying to push anything in our path to get us further from God (yes he uses people such as men and women that seem appealing to the flesh but in disguise are to throw us into a distraction of some sort) reminds us of our deep hurts, makes us wanna think were lonely or look wow God isn’t answering u causing impatience and loss of faith, guilt of things we’ve done, etc. whatever it is ITS ALL LIES! Tell him get behind you just like Jesus did! Speak out into existence “I am freed in Jesus name!” “i am worthy in jesus name!” ooh that devil hates the name of ‘Jesus’ OH WELL ! JESUS JESUS JESUS!! Bind up any poor thought in the name of Jesus! Be freed, know when the enemies attacking and don’t fall into his trap! AMEN


 “If you live for peoples acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.”- Lecrae Wow i love that quote.. We often put the satisfaction of people accepting us or put people before God to receive happiness and to feel whole. “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” (Galatians 1:10) Basically this scripture is saying, only God’s approval should be first, once you accept Gods love and his outstretched hand and give him the same love back, the approval of man will become lessened. Id rather have God as my best friend than any earthly friends.. sounds crazy but theres no other person to have my back. I’d be a fool to depend on man for happiness or approval. We often feel to do and care soo much for people (theres nothing wrong with that) but first must accept and understand that God paid such a price for us and some people will give others such praise rather than Him.. it boggles my mind. God first and you’ll never be disappointed, once you recognize that your life and heart will start to shift. This is exactly what happened to me, as you might have read in my about me/my testimony if you haven’t i suggest you check it out but in all seriousness.. Quit letting the enemy make you think God will never satisfy you, to keep turning to someone or those drugs or the sex or the empty things and turn to Him and only Him.. His love is soo indescribable and unconditional.


STOP THIS !! ^^ Biggest thing i see lately is all people say is “positive vibes” or im gunna think positive today.. no because in two weeks ull still be stuggling with the same issues or a month or whatever time frame.. i see it too often with my generation.. im guilty of it i used to be like this til i came to end of myself and looked to God ..who is the truth and only way to true freedom just gettin in gods word nd part taking it into your daily life, living for him and by his word.. nothing can withstand when your armed with the Blood of Jesus ..your issues will flee this is only through Jesus and standing firm with him and knowing discernment ..you will know how to fight ur battles because jesus is your rock ..not thinking positive because no matter how happy u are sometimes our deepest hurts or battles are in our mind and sown soo deep we cant do the healing ourselves ..Jesus is the healer not the “vibes” or what have you.. lets get real people! Too often people mix in Buddism with Christianity.. dont mix other “gods”  with the Almighty one.. “Karma” and “Karmic Energy”, the Bible doesn’t even mention Karma but that it removes Grace and Mercy that Jesus set up to FREELY give to us, immediately out of the picture. God’s Grace takes the “you deserve” off the table after you’ve done something and says “it’s okay you can walk away from this, I’ll take the Heat”. Some things DO still happen as a result of decision, but the point is that with Grace, the blame, the shame, the guilt, and YES, even sometimes the very consequences, will be taken away from you, and discarded in the name of Jesus! So no, when something bad happens to someone who is just a terrible person, I don’t go “yeah bro, well that’s just Karma” I say to myself, “God grant Grace over their life, they might need a little to bear their decisions” ..alil something i read this morning ..AMEN!

Only way to this is knowing His spirit lives in us and knowing that were beautiful in Gods eyes and the acceptance of mans opinion does not matter when u receive Gods love the love of yourself will radiate. I used to say i loved myself before my relationship with HIM but i didnt truly with living consumed in the world ..Praise God! Love Him first ..grow with God and your deep down self you are meant to be will radiate through Him. Gods purpose is not to serve you.. its your purpose to serve Him and be in love with Him. God doesnt owe you anything ..He sent his son to die for YOU now its up to YOU! Submitting to God and putting your hurts and struggles in His hands (cause thats who’s hands its in anyways) will be the greatest decision you will ever make. Soo many people i find lately are yearning for gods love but don’t wanna take the full step and know their filling their voids with other things, once the love of God is accepted over mans love, “mans” love and acceptance becomes irrelevant I pray for spirit of confusion to be binded out. The spirit realm is real always trying to confuse ppl with thinking its “good” and “the way” wen its all a lie and a trap and anything to keep you away from God.. that devil is a liar! Turn to God, all your answers are in Him, no better day than today to invite him into your life and heart.. Halleluiah! Love of God resides in us.. radiate with His gentleness and love.


Now what does relationship mean.. Relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. Now what are the key characteristics of a relationship.. Love, trustworthiness, honesty, faithfulness, admiration, turn to for comfort, would never wanna see them hurt, obedience, affection. Just like you’d never want to hurt your mother, or father or friend or spouse, anyone you care and have love for, same goes for God, we often will do these things to pursue someone put our focus on people but as your relationship grows with God you will want to live to please Him and pursue Him, turn from your ways of the world, repent of your sin and live under His will, no better place to be is under His will, not the will of the enemy or man. This personal relationship is not as hard to find as we might think or try to make it seem like its soo mystical and crazy in beginning a relationship with Him. As soon as we become children of God, we receive the Holy Spirit, who will begin to work on our hearts. Never stop praying, read His word, and join a Bible-believing church; all these things will help us to grow spiritually. Give God your heart ..don’t take it back when you think your doing better or good.. and go back and forth to God, submit to God wholeheardidly! He didnt die for you to sometimes live for Him, Gods purpose is not to serve you.. its your purpose to serve Him! God doesnt owe you anything ..He sent his son to die for YOU now its up to YOU! He deserves it all because he paid the price for all of ur hurts and pains and to be your best friend.. Now thats LOVE and the best relationship you’ll ever have!


This is whats been  on my heart for awhile.. i pray for those who don’t know Jesus constantly.. especially in public.. How much God the one who made us.. still loves us and wants to be our friend but ppl reject Him daily.. Overheard a girl speaking today on her hamza tattoo.. Now before i begin this is no judgement at all ..but the conversation i walked into really had me thinking.. i wanted to minister soo bad to them but instead i just prayed for her.. anyways she spoke on how it symbolized to keep evil away and to bring peace the pther girl was like ohh wow thats soo deep and she responded like yeahh i guess its the coool thing ! ..but in my head im like but only Jesus that can happen.. hes the peacemaker the healer and the deliverer of evil.. ppl look at these idols and false gods as something cool because its the new thing its on a tshirt or on the latest jewelry trend and swayed to think this is the “god of good things and peace” ..Does your God heal? Does he listen to you? Is he alive? i know My GOD IS.. He is the same yesterday today nd forever.. the same one to raise the dead, the same one whos my friend.. Amenn.. please do not take anything im saying as rude or judgemental ..but it says in bible no other “gods” before me (Exodus 20:3) Meaning dont put ur hope in anything else but the one and only GOD ALMIGHTY..

Just like God has assignment for your life.. So does the enemy. Once people see the plan the enemy has for their life and recognizes it and how he works, all will come to pass. Trust me i know this first hand, from my testimony like you’ve read (or might have not read yet)  Once people recognize how his sneaky, snake self works and how Christ is only one who can bring you into the light and not be blinded by His wisdom, true freedom comes to pass. But the enemy wants you to be soo caught up in his schemes you miss out on God’s purpose for you, you miss out on your freedom in Christ and you miss out on God’s love.

Just came back from a Womans seminar.. and it was on finding contentment.. Lets break this down.. so now finding means to show effort to get to where you are looking to achieve to.. contentment as a “worldly” standpoint means to “have the whole package” whether its money or fame or what have you. Contentment is sufficiency in God, and total reliance on God, not yourself. In (Proverbs 4:23) “Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.” This scripture that stood out to me tonight, i was really blessed to have sat and listened to this because it brought myself into realizing wow.. Gods been trying to bring this to my attention all along the past week.. Guarding your heart doesn’t mean to not let anything in, it means to close out anything to leave you in discontentment (lies of the enemy, uneasiness and impatience and anxiousness). What are you allowing in? What are you allowing to flow out of your heart deep down and then out of your mouth. If your feeling discontentment and its recognized right away, it could be Gods way of saying i need you to “weed” out this thing you deep down struggle with before it becomes sown deeply. Do you find yourself getting short tempered, angry quick, stir up an attitude about anything.. Find root of what your exactly feeling and remind yourself to “Learn to be content whatever the circumstance or season”- (Philippians 4:11) Every season is God has you in for a reason, you might meet some new friends that will help guide you, or you might guide them.. you might feel uncomfortable because your in a season that your not familiar with, God needs to place us in seasons to grow and mold us into who he wants us to be.. once you recognize that contentment in God becomes a breeze.


was asked to write on Galatians 5 for my prayer class this week, now this is actually i felt like wow God this is one of my favorite scriptures.. I want to share with You all what i wrote and Got out of this scripture, Enjoy! ..”Galatians mainly speaks on the flesh, Paul referring flesh to be the sinful state of human beings, which is presented as a opposition to the Spirit and to be satisfying the flesh. This chapter reveals how its written plain and simple that we were called to be free because God loves us too much to see us in bondage and hurting. The word Freedom which people of the world often confuse to mean doing what we want. Freedom is to do what you should, not what you want to do. Google gave an interesting definition.. “the state of not being imprisioned or enslaved.” It says in Galatians 5:19-21, the fleshly desires which includes sexual immorality, impurity. debauchary meaning a excessive indulgence in sensual desires, idolatry meaning a worship of other idols and putting your trust and fixating your eyes on another figure rather than God and witchcraft, not always meaning witches and psychics but anything outside the will of God is considered witchcraft because if our eyes aren’t fully on Him whole-hearditly then often we find ourselves being tempted and disloyal. Our flesh can be easily swayed, thats the enemys biggest lie, he loves tempting and swaying those who are not standing firm. Just like in the first verse, “Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again” This comes in time as part of Building a relationship with God and builds up a loyalty and obedience to God and God alone. He speaks about the fruits of the spirit meaning Gods reward for staying obedient to Him, this comes with receiving (as it says in Galatians 5: 22-23) love, love for people such as christ does, joy which is the ultimate gift of life, peace because without peace we cant enjoy fulfillment of life God wants us to endure, kindness, goodness, faithfulness because without faith we cant endure what God might have for us in something that we could never imagine, gentleness of our spirit and self-control. Self control in these fleshly desires spoken above. Having fruits of the spirit is the evidence of a life lead by God, the fruits will grow once you live for God in your true obedience. Isnt it amazing how its not that he simply gives us these instructions not to burden us or force upon us but its there for us to recieve and go forth with it in our everyday lives. isnt it beautiful how much he loves us and simply provides that through this chapter. Jesus is our wisdom, this wisdom will protect you, guide you and that the pursuit of wisdom is key, It will give you long life. simply forsake foolishness and live in freedom, He gives us liberty.”

Amazingggg testimony!! She did not give up! This proves the power of prayer and faith. She thought her life was ending when it all went downhill. But with constant prayer and believing God was gunna do what He was gunna do no matter what the instance. She wanted to just give up and sleep forever, how i used to feel. Her sons gave her clarity, “God’s gunna take care of us” and thats exactly what He does. He takes care of those, with an act of faith and obedience. Once you realize God resides within you, its the best thing that’ll happen to you. “Its an anchor that will never leave you” once you accept Him completely. For more ‘I Am Second’ testimonies search on youtube! Love them all!

Wow i had to post another ‘I Am Second’ video, this one was soo reminding of me. “I never didn’t believe in God, always knew He was there, but i didn’t know Him and i didn’t know that i didn’t know Him. I would praying only when i needed something” ..Wow what a statement, we often think oh why do i need to know God or do i really know Him? I was rebellious just like Kathy Ireland here, she always read the same sermons over and over. She knew what she was holding in her hands (the bible) was the truth, when all along she’s been always looking for the truth. Just like me she felt the hardest thing to let go of was her sin of self reliance, being a control freak. Giving up the control to God in beginning is one of the hardest to those before giving their life to God were huge “control freaks.” Putting God first leaves out any room for idols and you just grow soo eager to spending that time with Him and growing with Him. Its the best thing in the world.


Time to talk about the Spirit of Jezebel, see to understand Jezebel you must know how he or she works. Jezebel comes in the form of a man or woman it can encounter an reside in either or, most think its just female form. Open doors for jezebel to come in often are when you rebel against God, aka walking in rebellion, outside of His will. So how can Jezebel be identified you ask? Jezebel traits in men include.. Passive men who wont lead, selfish men who are easily seduced, Jezebel loves removing fathers from homes/families through seduction (cheating spouse, perversion and porn addiction.) causing division and broken families, a man who becomes too demanding or manipulative needy like that you loose your identity in Christ aka loose yourself and become flattering for them and lastly these men use things as instruments of control and manipulation such as children or making other person feel guilty. Now in females some characteristics are women who are abused by father or lover, jezebel uses those situations to her advantage. Women who are bitter, take offense easily. Divorced women are easy targets due to hurt and possible anger, women who are bitter, who have been tricked by false words of love for example “Ill stay with you if you do this.. ” Jezebel also often puts past offenses as a benefit to control and use against someone, in their eyes its never “their fault” and their motive is to cause disunity and division. Ridding Jezebel is simple, you must first identify it, and confront it and most importantly pray. Jezebel spirit i feel is the most slick, sly spirit that really is most deceitful and can devour anyone by the simplest open door of rebellion. Rebellion is the first door opened that leads to a lot of destruction, you cannot have peace being in rebellion with God. Walk in line with God and be aware of the schemes of the enemy. I feel most people open this door when they desire a woman or man too much, right away thats an easy target for jezebel to move her way in. Thinking you need this person, thinking you can control this person or manipulate and cause false love. Its defiantly comes in easiest through soul ties and rebellion.


What is Forgiveness? Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things at times, but brings such peace. Easiest way to forgive is to remember all of the things we’ve done against God, to do realize we must do same for others, be like Christ. One thing that helped me that i didn’t do right away but overtime u realized i thought i forgave the person but i really didn’t, so i began to pray for the person who hurt me or what have you. It helped me heal because i felt at ease knowing that i forgave and to give it to God to work on whatever they might be dealing with to have caused them to hurt me. Praying is honestly key to forgiveness. God will order in process of maybe possible restoration, now it depends on the situation we obviously don’t want restoration in an abusive relationship but im talking about maybe a friendship or restoration of a family member. Holding onto unforgiveness causes bitterness, stress, possible depression and even literal sickness or a minor thing like headaches and stomach pains. i had this for years, held onto soo much it crippled me from my life i couldnt partake in a lot of things and i didnt even realize it was because i held onto unforgiveness. Im soo thankful for God and His love and this wonderful thing called forgiveness. Praise You Lord! Forgive that person today!


I was having a conversation with my grandma today and she made a comment.. “People want to hear God’s voice but don’t know how” and then i thought of how a friend was getting frustrated about this recently too.. I remember my advice was ..well just like its a two way street with a relationship with someone ..same with God ..He is DYING to have a conversation with us, just like you sometimes or have had such a deep yearning to talk to someone like a crush ..thats how bad He is dying to speak to us. Problem is, people don’t wanna tune in or take time to listen or put in any effort. Just open your bible, You might open a scripture and thats Gods way of speaking to you, something you needed to see right then and there. Sometimes theres things He’s been showing you all along and you haven’t tuned in. Take time alone with Him, read a bible based inspirational book, tune into a worship song, those are all tools and resources God first spoke to me the most.. it was life changing. When your wrapped up in the same old same old its hard to become accustomed to what is going on.. remove the gunk from your eyes and the wax out your ears and listen in!! Biggest mistake you can make is to  let the enemy frustrate you with this whole waiting and being still to hear from God because he wants you to get soo fed up that you give up.. and often times God has spoke to me when i wasnt being still and having alone time, He’ll reveal something out of the blue clear as day and your like “Wow God thanks i gotchaa!!” Being impatient is not going to get you anywhere and when you find yourself restless you need to get to the root of why we feel that way because God is not a God of frustration and uneasiness.. He brings peace and grace to ourselves. Don’t be lazy, don’t be sometimes to a God thats all the time for YOU! Seek Him always.

Something on my mind lately, Gods been putting on my heart to write on.. the question is Are you content with the love of Jesus? Always remember Jesus’ love for us is ENOUGH.. No man, no woman should make you feel whole before Jesus’ love. If His love isn’t enough for you, you’ll find urself searchin to too much nd loosing focus let urself prosper in Him. Often well find ourselves gettin lost in focusing our love nd acceptance in man or things and we must watch what were allowing to give us peace for the moment.. What are you turning to? Are u putting things before and in more control in your life than God. Watch what your focus is and watch when you turn your focus and love to God and how abundantly your life changes, if you just take that simple step. Gods love is soo unforgettable and everlasting. Jesus’ love for us, once its accepted and knowing His love surpasses all, brings such comfort and not needing any validation from anyone else, knowing He is never going to fail us or stop loving us, thats beautiful.

Earlier this week after a rough day, God revealed this scripture 1 Thessalonians 4:1-6 and when i say revealed He literally turned my pages in my bible to it.. i couldn’t believe it i mean i believed it but was amazed! And its the topic thats been on my heart for a week before this day, it was refreshing, i knew He was there with me that whole day and almost like He gave me alil nudge like “okay we got through the day Jenna now back to business” kinda like a kick in the butt so i can show what He wants me to speak on because its soo important for people to hear and how it is not a joke or something to take lightly, God means business! and thats the subject of repentance.. He is tooo GOOD! Love my best friend. Okay now lets get to this topic.. Repentance means a change of direction, saying sorry unto God and forgiving ourselves, knowing what it is to live for God, not just believing in Him, this requires repentance. You have a whole new life. You are a new creation, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you ..Lets repent and live free in Jesus name! People say life is too short, live how you want.. i say life is too short, repent and live forever in eternity. God doesn’t want us to only be in His kingdom but to live is peace on earth and freedom of OUR ways. Who wants to live a life without knowing God?! Repentance has a few different definitions, each the same root meaning. It sounds scary or harsh to people but it is actually one of the most beautiful actions we can ever do. Like i said this is not a joke and i feel God wants people to be awaken, He has things He wants to do with us, He wants to take us to new places! We must let Him birth something new in us, shed out the old!


Consecration means to pull away from something to cling onto another thing.. Pull and shy away from our own things we want or our ways and just cling onto God.. pursuing Him also means change, no where in the bible does it say Gods presence was in the room and no one got healed ..there is a transformation when we come into Gods presence the old cannot stay, God wants to use you but to elevate there must be a change and that requires letting God in to transform our hardened, sad, bitter, hurting hearts to shine is light outward ! if your focused on not cheating on your wife lets say.. you can say it all u want but if your not pursuing her you might find yourself off track, same for God.. when we pursue Him we will want to do right before God nothing can or will ruin it or distance you from Him. We grow tired always keeping things we want and our ways and realize our strength inside comes from God, we cant get through it without Him, our flesh fails, our God never will fail!


The only person who will always, not sometimes but ALWAYS be there is God. So many people put their trust in everyone.. their sister, father dog and tree, but when they get rejected or don’t get the love they want from who they are yearning for it from, once you know God will always be there to give His love, its fulfilling and comforting and it becomes all we need. We don’t need “man”, we don’t need love from that man, we don’t need that hit of coke, that hit of weed or that drink of alcohol to feel fulfilled. At our lowest is when He is present most.


Lets get one thing straight, and were all adults here (for the most part i believe), God DOES NOT like sin. Not one bit. Whatever the flesh desires, adultery, stealing, lust, lying, gossiping, homosexuality, abortion, murder, sex before marriage, anger, fighting, judging.. etc. Things we must examine ourselves with God in our own time basically. He knows our heart, if you are openly honest with God, and ask Him to help you with it and your yearning to make some changes and choices. Yes half the people of this society should know theres not just one act of sin, theres many.. He doesnt want us to be far away from Him here on earth. Closer to sin, further u become away from God spiritually. Does not mean he leaves you forever it means it gives way for the devil to slither in. We cant love God nd obey Him wen we want. He tells us for reason to do what His Word says, so there wont be hurt emotionally nd mentally after awhile. Sin creeps up to you overtime, like a bad habit and causes ‘death’ of a connection to Him! I’ve been there trust me I am not perfect. You never know wen u going to leave this earth.  There might not be a death bed, a lot of people think “Oh i will have time to have my fun and i will cry out to God on my last breath” ..WHY WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO DO THAT, you might not ever get a chance to do so! He is a sovereign God, He loves us too much to let us be lead by our flesh and heart. The enemy is sucha liar but we have somethin Greater nd thts Jesus inside of us!! When He’s present in your heart, there is no room for the enemy. Period! And enough with trying to justify “oh well everyone is sinning in a different way, why not ill be fine” NO. We aren’t here to judge, so lets stop taking offense and getting defensive but what Jesus advises us to do is spread the Word of God, so don’t shoot the messenger. Get in His word for yourself, let His spirit fill you. You will not be sorry.


Celibacy, Sex.. Lets talk! okay soo what has even happend to me in past regarding sex within a relationship it taught me that it will keep my man and thats what a woman provides and etc. The world will have you thinking “your man will cheat if you dont give him sex”, “your love will be deeper and stronger when you perform sex”, “its the cool thing”, “they wont love you if you dont have sex, dont you want to express your love to your man” etc. Ive been told these things  numerous times when i share with people that i am celibate. I don’t listen to them but its funny how the world taints your way of life. When you go off of emotion, your urges, what you want to feel satified.. you will feel empty (hate to be harsh, but its the truth!). Have you ever felt empty after maybe giving yourself to someone or guilt. Deep down there is conviction, theres alittle piece that is taken from your soul when you do become intimate with someone before marriage. If theres no union, theres no God within that. Yes its Gods gift but He wont honor that behavior because He has more for you. He is a loving God, not someone who needs us to do what He requires but because He knows whats best. We need to be guided by His spirit. Let God guide you to the man that cares about your SOUL! Your body is where God enters to give you a spirit filled life. I even used to have dreams that the enemy would remind me of my past in this area.. Throw sex in my face in dreams, I have been celibate for about 3 years now, God has healed me completely because this was my addiction. Many different demonic characteristics can enter as well, did you ever start feeling what the other person was feeling or going through. For example, depression or poverty or even a generational curse, most of the time we are transporting demons, this is the easiest way they can transport. Sounds scary and not true but its real! Keep yourself pure, follow God and what He desires for you.. you will not be sorry i promise!

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