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This specific tab/page was put on my heart by God last week to share any experiences, miracles and wonders God has done in my walk with Him.. Often its great to hear what God is doing, it makes others inspired and feed off of each others experiences and joyful times and the places God takes me.. I’m especially excited to share with all of you!


Back in the past summer, I was baptized. This was another step in my walk with God that really was soo meaningful to me, it was like my confirmation to Him that i accept Him for who He is and the cleansing of leaving the old “flesh” behind and whats not of God and coming out of the water a new, to allow Him to move me closer to my purpose. In order to LIVE, you must DIE to yourself. Im soo blessed, there is no words to describe this day. The song “Oceans” came on right when i got into the car to head home and it was like a confirmation from Him that He is proud. I thank God for all He has done and all He continues to do. I am alive to live for You! Had to share this amazing moment!


I really want to share how blessed i feel to really move into a new season with God, this season is really a refreshing of my trust in God (not saying it wasn’t there but just a new level of trust), new levels all around and new things to experience in Him.. i really press on the importance of prayer.. and really having a peace of what your praying for and be still while God works, He does not answer right away all the time.. I’ve been praying for a specific person recently and at church Sunday i felt in my spirit to not give up on praying for this person.. a day later i get a call from them saying they could use a friend and i prayed for a min to ask is this really all You right now God? During conversation i felt led to reveal the dream i had months ago, we were sitting on a high kings type of chair, something you’d see in the movies and there was a warlock casting spells on us circling the chair.. quickly i starting speaking in tongues and rebuking him and i woke up.. come to realize this person really had something like that happen to him.. so it was like God showing me something was going on. Spiritual warfare and witches are real but you must have Jesus and his blood as your armor and as your waring piece! Wear it proud and hold Him close to you.. ive connected with a few of his other friends and im soo blessed to see God literally moving and placing me in the right places at the right times ..this is ALL Gods doing and just alil prayer, obedience and trust in God ..its beautiful, peoples soul are crying out, i pray full freedom for all in Jesus name!


So last week i was in Chicago for John Eckhardt’s Prophetic Round table and i really felt led to go and of course God blessed me sooo much on this trip, i really felt a shift in my walk with Him in a good way, to a higher level than before and growth.. He spoke on how important it is to not become “spiritually dead” to constantly look to God and yearn to hear His voice, grow in discernment and always want to yearn to new levels and higher things with Christ. A lot of Christians are wondering why isn’t God moving in this area, why am i not experiencing wonders and miracles, yes everyones walk is unique, but God wants you to keep pressing in, don’t fall short, don’t be mediocre. God does not want you to get stuck on a method, open up to the Holy spirit you don’t want to get left behind, you don’t want to stay stagnant ..God wants soo much more for us and we miss out on opportunities to move forward because we weren’t listening to God, keeping Him the focus ..How can we break apathy where people have no desire to grow ..spiritually and grow in experiencing more of what God is trying to mold and help create, a freshness. We must be able to hear God everywhere, not when we choose to wanna. He should be never be “shut off.” Prophecy changes the region, shifts the region, makes people hungry to wanna hear God, it makes life interesting keeps us out of “spiritual boredom.” Living for God should be exciting and never settling for a stagnant walk. Letting the aspect of religion take over, religion puts a hold on what God is really showing us to do, puts limitations, boundaries and closed mindedness. Its not always the enemy shaking things up, its often God in purpose to remove and shake off whats of the old to bring on the new area. Where He wants to take you, you cannot take the old.. the best thing God does sometimes is He takes us in an uncomfortable place, it is defiantly not easy but it keeps you on your toes and keeps you yearning for God to be your safety not the safe place that your used to.. You’ll find yourself settling and not standing for anything causing a double minded state and that can be dangerous.. Gods will is ALWAYS safe and exciting! Do everything in your might to keep desiring Him and what He can do. We sat the last night we were there with a group of young adults around the same age after dinner just chillen out in the hotel lobby and just talking about regular everyday things laughing having a good time and one boy was like wow you guys are like the perfect christians you guys know everything, of course we all said no one is perfect here. Its just that we’ve all experienced the Lord, no one is better than anyone.. He was honestly nervous about fully committing to God and really seeking who He wants him to be. So i felt and my friend, to share with Him how God could use his music talent to really have that alone time with God and maybe come up with some songs based on what God is revealing to him. We all had a special word for each other, it turned into such a deep conversation, we ended up talking til 1230 am and it was soo beautiful to see young people around my age all loving God and yearning for him in all different levels. I cannot wait to go to more travels and conferences God has big things!!


As i was having my alone time with my best friend and some worship, the song “sprit of the living God” by vertical church band was playing, a song from their new album. During this time I had a very unforgettable thing happen, this i why i love my Lord, He always puts us in check and refreshes us when needed. I spoke about in my last topic on repentance briefly on how God literally turned my pages in my bible to the scripture 1 Thessalonians 4:1, it was like Jenna i need you to tell people of this, especially your generation (which im constantly praying for) but i thought i might have nudged the pages to turn but no they turned on their own my bible was right next to me ..I was like okay God okay i gotchu!! He is unfailing!


Had to had to had to share this intense dream i had last night.. i title it as ‘the devil is mad’ i had some guy in my bed chillen nd he started tryin to makeout with me  nd i was like can we take a selfie this is soo cool were chillen (it was wierd because i know its against God to be having someone in my bed and i was saved in my dream (so then instead of the flipped part of the camera facing us on his phone being us he has some girl seducing like no pants on and like it was him and me but i was her in the “camera view” and i said wait fix ur camera something is wrong with it that is not me but shes doing same movements as me ..very interesting way to show spirit of lust im guessing ..soo i said lets just forget this selfie pic ima get to bed and he got up and was teasing me taking off his pants and i said to him i cant do this like i felt like a heavy conviction in the dream and he was like oh okayy and laid down.. My mom slept in the living room on couch and we had a lil diff set up it was like french doors built only around the couch we had i walked past the front door to the living room and saw a girl at the door with a bag she saw me quickly and came back to door cause she saw someone was up but didnt ring bell or knock and then she turned around went into her truck abruptly even tho she was young she started driving like a madman, sped off, turned around abruptly started doing donuts in the snowy street and was like angry she slid while doing donuts and hit my moms car i let it go but was confused on wat thAt girl was doinG here ..then my manager appears with my mom and myself on the couch we see this dog in the window of the french doors nd im like we dnt even bave a dog where are these dogs coming from nd then i saw abraham lincoln (dont ask soo random) in his suit and he was angered And i said wait a min is that abe lincoln?? and he came as us banging on french doors very angry and then bashed his elbow to break the door and had a gun from 1800s and shot across room and then right past me and i felt the air of the bullet it was soo intense and then he put the gun down on the arm rest and i shot at him and kept revolving the gun to get the power of the bullets he had but i got two good shots on him nd he went to grab a small table and went to jam us with it i said oh noo u will not do any of this!!!! It was like the enemy was soo pissed i denied sex in beginning of the dream so he made a huge attacks to show how mad he was that i didnt go through with the sexual act. It was very odd but real and i was soo glad my friends text woke me up, i always keep my phone on silent at night i was like thank you for hittin me up! The devil loves the fact he has most people at his hand and is pissed at those who are not blinded anymore! AMEN!

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