My Faves!


RC Cosmetic brushes !! Ugh where do i begin.. these are my absolute favorite i think i purchased these for $19.95 (some new years special i believe i don’t remember but their always having a decent sale) Anyways.. their made with synthetic hairs and are sooo smooth! My main test is how well a brush gets cleaned.. and the makeup comes right off when shampooing (well get into that in another post) I feel that is a big thing how well it cleans and the life of the brush after cleaning overtime. The way it blends eyeshadow is a big factor for me as well. I love the airbrushed finish it leaves even in blending the eyeshadows. This is a definite must have investment and perfect to transition into some professional brushes.. LOVE LOVEE EM!


My favorite book as of right now is ‘Crash the Chatterbox’ by Pastor Steven Furtick. This book i highly recommend for people not just women, who especially suffer from having a hard time understanding God and what he might be saying because of the constant negative words the enemy is whipering in our ears and how to block that out and stand strong in the Lord. I think its an awesome book to read if you don’t think you struggle with any of that, i bought it to learn more and strengthen my walk with God. Now the nail polishes in the picture are by Orly and Opi, both clearly my favorite brand of nail polishes. Orly is free of any chemicals such as formaldehyde and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). I actually choose it over Opi any day. Its the only one that doesn’t chip for me soo fast and the finish is my favorite.


Not sure to why this picture is blurry! i will have to check up on that but.. Introducing my favorite skin cleansing tools I’ve used and been very pleased with.. First one is Ecotools pure complexion facial sponge (deep cleansing) they have one for sensitive skin as well (goes for about $6 at Ulta) its hard texture at first; softens when wet, you just place any cleanser of your choice onto it and go in circular motions on your face.. Leaves the skin looking alive and flawless and feels smooth! Defiantly a deep clean without it being too harsh on the face.. this one in particular helps with eliminating blackheads due to the charcoal ingredient within the sponge and cuts out any makeup that might be building up in the pores. Second tool is the Ulta Dual Action Cleansing System, comes with batteries included and a brush head and whats unique about this particular cleansing tool is that it comes with a sponge like head to put your moisturizer on to really penetrate it into the skin not leaving it just sitting on your face like most do just when we put it on with our hands. Its only $25!! I prefer this one over Clarisonic (no shade to clarisonic) but because of the price number one and it does basically the same thing! Clarisonic is actually more harsh to the face because it doesn’t spin, it vibrates. This is safe to use twice a week rather than clarisonic once a month they actually recommend! Don’t abuse your face! Any cleanser can be used with the Ulta brush and to use just apply the cleanser to your wet face and go ahead using the brush.. def a must buy! Skincare is 110% important when wearing makeup especially if you do like i do for work almost everyday.. ill be posting more on what skincare i highly recommend soon ..Enjoy!


Big fan of Lush Cosmetics ! Their products are based on all natural ingredients from Fresh organic fruit and vegetables to the finest essential oils and safe synthetics for the hair and skin along with environmental friendly packaging (learn more by checking out their site!) My two products i’ve tried a few months ago was herbalism and dark angels.. both an exfoiliant/skin cleanser. Both great for oily/combination skin which i have. Herbalism is gently exfoliating and a deep-cleansing base of kaolin clay and rice bran, which mops up excess oils and a toning blend of rosemary, nettle and chamomile leaves skin feeling fresh. Also contains chlorophyllin, which is extracted from alfalfa plants: it’s rich in nourishing vitamins and minerals and helps to balance out your skin’s oil production. Now Dark Angels is a bit more for oily skin, leaving it more matte rather than more balanced. Its rhassoul mud base deep-cleanses to help prevent breakouts while vitamin rich cold-pressed organic avocado oil nourishes skin to leave it soft and lightly hydrated. Yes i like balanced skin don’t you!? We need oils in the skin but sometimes they need to be tamed a bit! I need to make a stop in their store soon! They’re open to giving out samples which is awesome! Both run for about $12 bucks!


Makeup wipes are a MUST! i always tell women/customers at work.. best to use wipes to take off makeup first before you cleanse or exfoliate. Never wash your face with a full face of makeup, your just moving the makeup all around your pores.. YUCK! These wipes are my absolute favorite.. now i don’t have sensitive skin but i feel these ones have been the top ones that haven’t dried me out, have fully taken off my makeup i never have to use two at a time.. i don’t feel sticky after just an all around smooth, fresh clean feeling. They can be purchased at Ulta or Harmon’s only $6.99 for a 40 pack! I love the inside when you open it there a tab that you peel off that says “Wipe that smile on your face!”


My absolute favorite peel is the Exuviance Performance Peel Ap25, this peel contains 12 packets for $75 at Ulta (6 months worth, use every 2 weeks at first) these are steps 1 and 2, you cleanse your face first, rub step one onto your skin avoiding your eye area and mouth, leave on for 10 mins if its your first peel leave on for 8 mins (you might feel burning but thats normal, if its too unbearable apply step 2 which neutralizes and works with step 1) rub step 2 on the exact spots you’ve placed step 2 and wait about 2 mins.. rinse off with water. This contains a 25% blend of AHAs and PHAs including Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Gluconolactone (a professional peel done with an esthetician contains 30% and doesn’t even contain all of those ingredients!) these ingredients are such that exfoliates dead, dull surface layers, and stimulates the process of cell renewal among all skin layers, to reveal healthier cells. I saw such a difference in my skin, less breakouts, flawless complexion and surface lines were reduced, i’m a big fan of Glycolic btw especially if you love the sun like me (i know its bad!) you better get on your glycolic grind!

Looking for a basic mask that isn’t so “basic” ..check out these masks by Montagne Jeunesse, they run for only $1.99 to $2.49 at Ulta! And gift packs for only $7.99 They have a wide variety of masks such as.. the Superfruit Mud Masque- this mask contains Goji berries (one of the powerful superfruits) this mud mask helps protect against the drying effects of environmental stresses on the skin, perfect for winter time! and also contains nutrient rich pomegranates that are added for an additional punch, Dead Sea Mud Masque- in this mask the Sea kelp nutrients and dead sea mud combine for an ultra deep pore cleansing experience that leaves skin soft and smooth, its a great for overall deep cleansing, Chocolate Mud Masque- with this masque composed of dead sea salt, cocoa and shea butter its meant to unblock pores and add healing moisture. Meant for oily skin and beneficial aspects is the tightening of the skin.. and it really smells like chocolate! Fruit Smoothie Masque- this one contains a natural blend of raspberry, mango, apricot, peach and pomegranate. Its benefits are improvement of overall skin texture and best to use if you are oily and acne prone. And lastly the Juiced Aloe Vera Face Spa mask- this mask has a refreshing blend of juiced Aloe Vera and invigorating fresh picked Green Tea leaves skin soothed and cleansed, this is the most popular mask btw, especially great for often irritated skin because of the aloe vera, and keeps skin revitalized and moisturized. They have those i mentioned along with peel off masques, those aren’t my favorite though it was too messy for me, i prefer to just use the rinse off ones. So first you cleanse your face with warm water only and rinse off cleanser in warm water as well (this leaves the pores open) apply the mask with fingertips and spread onto the neck and face avoiding eye area and mouth (unless its the chocolate one! haha) Now writing this its making me want to do a mask! Brb! haha


Got all of these amazing books from, still havent gotten to reading all of them yet, one of them is a devotional. They are seriously life changing. If you want to expand your mind and have some alone time with God, or even learn How to pray some powerful prayers with the prayers that rout demons and move mountains, i suggest you pick up these books! Life changers!! GOD IS SOO GOOD!


Makeup Revolution Highlighters only $6.99!! Sucha steal and of course NYX lipsticks/matte liquid lipsticks are my go-to! Get on it ladies! I love to look glam and fresh!


Okay these are currently my favorite products, well as we approach spring and summer i wont need the Shea Moisture Dandruff control Mask anymore but lets start with that. So the first ingredient (besides water) is coconut oil! It has a few other oils, but it does not make the hair greasy at all! Trust me, my hair gets greasy from everything, there are no mineral oils, sulfates or parabens. I love shea moisture and all of their products, they seriously work wonders. You just massage it onto your scalp after you shampoo, (i only did the target areas that i was having itchiness) and then rinse with water. Second product is the Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo, this is one of the only shampoos that really helps my hair to blow out easier and of course keeps the frizz from sitting all up in the surface of my hair and top of my head. And is also sulfate free AKA safe for color and doesn’t strip the hair. Lastly, The Nioxin Heat defense heat protector is probably the only heat spray that actually gives the hair vitamins and biotin while protecting from the heat. It makes straightening a breeze and keeps the hair straight for a few days.

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