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This section is for any little tips or tricks i might have found or like to use and especially for any questions you might have pertaining to a certain something, whether its something your torn on buying or how to do a certain look with makeup.. Whatever! Anything you need to ask; this is a great section for that and i will gladly post with an answer for you!


Guess how much this was.. this is a silicone oven mitt from Marshalls for $3.99!! (i know i’m not a fan of the color but whatever!) What is this used for you ask.. well its a dupe for the ones that are out there that are priced to almost $15-$30, which is ridiculous ..its perfect for cleaning makeup brushes and to protect your hands at the same time. There is no need to spend soo much for something like this, this does the job and does your bank account good to! Now cant wait to put to use!


Read this in an article other day.. Did you know bobby pins are actually meant to be worn wavy side down?! Yess! i always thought the flat side was toward your head. The wavy side of the pin grips your hair better. Well i learned something new ! Now i’ve been wearing my bobby pins this way.. and it really does work better! I still catch myself to put it in flat side down such a good lil tip.. try it out next time!


Overtime coming in contact with soo many women and their skin concerns at work, one woman might ask “Why am i breaking out over here only (points to part of her face).. another “Why am i soo drier than i usually am” etc. Part of it doesn’t have to do with product usage, part of it does and part of it just simply has to do with certain things we do to the skin that we don’t even realize is effecting it. First thing, wear an SPF of some sort (15 to 30 is fine) whether its in your moisturizer or tinted moisturizer or you just specifically wear a sunscreen. Second, stop over exfoliating, yes its great to do, do not stop, but everyday is not necessary. Once or twice a week is enough. You must let your new skin cells get a chance to reform. You can become too dry and cause scarring. Third, sleeping in makeup, stop it now!! yes it seems reasonable because were too lazy and tired but at night its when our skin is most active in rejuvenating itself (and also why its important to wear a night cream and one specifically at night) it cant rejuvenate and breathe with makeup still sitting on it. Let it breathe! Fourth, making sure were staying loyal to moisturizing.. anytime your skin is especially freshly clean and dried off, put on a moisturizer! Its like sealing the face (great if you can get something oil free and one with hylauronic acid which holds in skins moisture) Fifth thing, over treating, best thing to do is find a regimen that works for you with the essentials (wipes, toner, exfoiliator, eye cream, serum, moisturizer, mask, treatment) and to always switch up every so often diff products, our skin just like our hair and face with makeup gets to used to something and stops working, skincare does the same and we wonder why something that once worked for us isn’t working anymore. Sixth, not sleeping enough can cause the skin to act up, soo yess beauty sleep is a real term! haha try and get 7 to 9 hours per night.


Came across this article on Pintrest today and it kinda correlates to my above post.. They brought to pass specific timing we should do our beauty regimes key word regimes because this either means to some people, I over do it, I under do it or I don’t do it. Well now hopefully well all be on same page and for those who don’t do one at all this encourages them and maybe changes our routine alittle. Here we go.. Pedicures are to be done once a month or at least foot scrub or peel. Hair masks twice a month, some say once a week id defiantly keep it to twice a month, used in shower after shampooing and usually kept in for certain amount of mins before rinsing. A face peel, which is similar to exfoliation can be done once a month or interchanging with an exfoliator. Exfoliation, once or twice a week. You want to exfoliate so new skin cells can form but not too much where you don’t get to allow them to form. Face mask, twice a week. A night oil or cream every night something alittle heavier because thats when our skin repairs itself the most.


┬áIf your trying to conceal dark, under eye circles using a shade or two lighter than your foundation isn’t going to correct it, and can leave you with reverse raccoon eyes. In order to properly cover those rings, you’ll need to color-correct them by choosing a concealer that has a peach tone to it; that will counteract the blues and purples. Im defidently into mixing concealers, some people don’t understand this but sometimes its necessary to get the right coverage, highlight and tone.


Ladies! STOP this! Drawing your brows in a box shape is not what is meant to happen when filling in our brows. I always start with the bottom defining a line and blending up into the hairs, then going into the arch and drawing a slight line where the hairs make the arch and bringing it down to the end of the eye (take your pencil from your bottom lash and angle it out, thats where your brow should end)

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